home for christmas!


Well, kind of home. Home for the next couple of weeks, then I'm moving to my grandmother's old house in Wimbledon. Then my mother goes back to Australia and Durham is my home for good! Slightly exciting but also sad because I love this house.

Right now we have the best window display ever. In my street everyone puts things in their windows, and my sister and friend decided to do something Christmassy.

Awwww. It's funny watching people walk past the window and then stop to gaze upon the glory of the penguins (they dance in sunlight, by the way). Everything is really Christmassy in Brighton generally at the moment. I mean, it is Christmas, but it seems even more festive here than up in Durham. ANYWAY. So yes, I got here on Saturday evening. The first thing we did was go to Street Thai for fucking amazing food and cocktails. I love thai food. Wow. Actually, everything I've done has revolved around food so far. We went out to breakfast the next morning, then went to my favourite cafe, then went out for mulled cider that evening...

... how very festive. Then today we went out for breakfast. I was also presented with a box of candy upon my return and I have eaten literally all of it by now. Let's see how much weight I gain over the break, shall we?

Where on earth did this ferris wheel come from? It was definitely not there when I left haha.

While I'm here and seeing as I haven't updated in a while, I'll also post some photos from Durham.
I wear this coat basically every day.

Starbucks Christmas drinks! Starbucks coffee is usually awful but I have to say... eggnog lattes are fucking good. 

ANYWAY, today is a bit rainy so I'm going to stay indoors and do some work. I'm so awful at writing blogs haha. Let me show you my Christmas outfit?

Well, one of a few. Haha. Recognise the fur? Pretty sure I wear it too much. But oh well. The jumper is from a giveaway by Fashion Your Seatbelts!

Anyway, nothing else to report so... goodbye!

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