My first giveaway!



I'm so excited to actually have a giveaway. It's so... blog-y, and as I'm terrible as blogging, this feels quite major to me hoho. So scroll down for the details and please enter!

Having a wonderful, very Sunday-ish Sunday. I woke up not too early, not too late, plodded off to Charlie's house, took some pictures, hung out, went grocery shopping, went to a cafe to work/consume a mince pie, then went home and had a nice night. It was good. Unfortunately, that familiar unease about impending deadlines has just begun to surface so soon sleep will be in order... but first, a post.

I haven't used a camera other than my iphone in so long. It's sad! I used to take photos all the time. The one thing is that my camera is getting 'Error 99' where I have to take out the battery / put it back in after every few photos. Why not get it fixed? It's not an emergency and I'm lazy hoho. So there you go. One day.

So I'm wearing this great dress from Motel. It actually has a high neck and a low back, but for some raisin I decided to wear it as a v neck dress. Idk. But it's pretty great. You can find it here!

I already took a photo of an outfit with this dress-shirt combo on instagram (@schwurlie), but I figured I should take my actual camera with me for once. So, goodness me, proper photos on my blog. There's something even more vain than usual about taking outfit pictures with an actual proper camera. But then, there is already something vain about having a blog.

So very mod. Except no. Because my shoes are totally not. But I guess I don't like taking pictures with my slightly dead loafer flat things, haha. Anyway. Here's Charlie looking warm.

Okay so...

I have a giveaway. At last. Brought to you by the very generous and lovely Sheinside!

Now, as I am not American, I do not celebrate Thanksgiving so it has crept up on me rather quickly without my knowledge. So let's treat this as a ... giveaway being begun to celebrate Thanksgiving. Not finishing on it. Yes? Yes. 

So this giveaway is for one of the eight sweaters pictured above! 

Any of them you like! I will pick the winner at random, email them, and they can make their selection (:

The conditions are as follows:
  • Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect
  • Register at
  • Comment here with your name and email address!
The winner will be announced on December 19!

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