A morning


Hello hello hello!

I would love to start updating more often now that I'm on uni break. However ... I live in a little student town, I don't go to fashion parties or hang out in trendy bars, I don't have the money to buy new fancy clothes all the time. I also don't have anything super exciting coming up. I'm just hanging out here for the next few weeks! So what can I share with you? My mornings now that I'm 90% stress free! (:

I didn't realise until now that my day kind of revolves around drinks.

I wake. Usually I try to wake up early but I stayed up late-ish last night. If I sleep in past 10, my day is ruined. Haha. So when I'm on the cusp of a ruined day, I try to get out of the house quickly. Here's my sleep cycle for last night. YEAH. I've been using it for ages haha. It felt like a major accomplishment to achieve 92% one night hoho.

Ikea clock + Aubrey Beardsley print = a slightly less gross student flat!

I feed. Breakfast is toasted bagel + vegemite + sunflower spread. My mum sent me this tube of vegemite. A very mum thing to do. In a good way. Thanks mum. I don't get people that don't like vegemite - its the tastiest. Dairy free spread 'cause I try not to eat too much dairy! I will eat meat or dairy if I'm really stressed (e.g. exam period cheese board ohohoh) or if it's a special occasion. I just try to keep the animal products at a minimum for health and sustainability reasons. Maybe I'll write a post about it one day!

I try to get through a glass of water right when I wake up... 'cause it's good for ya.

I then prepare myself for the outside world. Outfit, makeup, sunglasses, sunscreen tattoos, hat 'cause it's summery, tights 'cause it's not quite summery enough. Can't hang around for too long. Must leave the house!

Off for coffee and chats at my favourite cafe in Durham, Flat White. I love sitting outside now that its finally sunny. I grew up in a relatively sunny country so now that I live in the north of England, feels like I have to make the most of nice weather! The one problem is that I went out sans tights for the first time in months the other day and by the time the sun went down I was sunburnt from exactly my mid-thighs to my knees and a random patch on my right forearm. Very curious indeed. The next time I inflict my bare legs on the world will probably require strategic sunscreening.

Sippin'. Tranquil.

I migrate to another caf to be productive / a real person. I drink more coffee. So much coffee. This time it's iced. Variety! What can I say? I love me a coffee.

I just started reading America, Empire of Liberty by David Reynolds haha. My first bit of recreational reading (i.e. not law-related) in months. I didn't even read reviews. I didn't order from Amazon. I walked into a real bookstore and bought it. A real one. Good lord. So I'm going to spend the day reading and doing other bits n' bobs... I'll make dinner, then it's a ~movie night~. So nice to have time to relax without feeling guilty!

Anyway, this has been my morning and IT'S NOW 5PM. WHAT.


omg hi


It's been a while. A longer while than usual. I've had exams for the past month, you see. My last one was three or four days ago now, so I am now free of uni work until September! Yeah! Funny though, I still feel really busy. The thing is, when I have exams or a lot of assignments, I pretty much push all my other responsibilities to the side. I definitely bury my head in the sand a bit. So now I've been confronted with all the other shit I need to do. I do have more time to relax and do other things now though, so it's all good! I have a couple more sewing projects lined up. I've had fabric and other bits hanging around my house for ages and ages. Finally I have time to use them! I just hope to use the next few months as productively as I possibly can.

So I finally took some photos of this great dress sent to me from Choies. I love it. It reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom for obvious reasons hoho. And yeah, just having a bit of fun clothes-wise. I wear so much black (e.g. right now I look a bit like I'm going to a funeral) it always feels like a bit of an event when I wear other colours haha. In fact, it is such a rarity that until I wore this dress, I didn't even realise I have no light coloured bras. Damn. I had to wear my one yellow sports bra. What can ya do?

The only thing is that I had to alter it because it was way too big for me + the skirt was too long, so it won't look exactly like this on you if you buy it. I potentially made it a bit too small. But what's done is done hoho.

Dress: Choies // Tights: Primark // Socks: Topshop // Shoes: Vintage

As per usual, Charlie provides a man outfit.

He is a lot better at looking casual than me hoho.

Funny, I always feel so strange when I update this blog. I feel like if I met blog-Kate in person, I would probably not get on with her.

But anyway! Some Cambridgey pictures. I think this is the third blog post with pictures from Cambridge in it haha BUT, yknow, I visit sometimes. This time I went to study, pretty much. Funny, it's been so long since I posted that it was actually snowing when I took these!

HOKAY. I'm gonna make some dinner. I'm having a salad for dinner every night! Not as in a bad iceberg lettuce salad but a big nutritious one haha. It's nice. Feels summery. I probably have other news but... I can think of nothing.

Okay. Goodbye!

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