Hi! I'm ridiculously busy at the moment. Probably not a great time to start a blog, but there you go!
Last week I went to Durham. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me (I went on the train and brought as little with me as I could) so here's a photo of it I found on Flickr.

Beautiful, right? I can't wait to study there, even though its a relatively small place. Fingers crossed I don't have a seizure during my exams or something.

I've got a revision timetable up on my wall now. It's less than three months until my first exam, christ. I've also got my Extended Project presentation on Thursday which I should definitely be preparing for instead of blogging right now. I MUST STAY POSITIVE THOUGH. I MUST.

I'll just post my outfit for today and leaf then!

Cardigan: Uniqlo; bodysuit: vintage; trousers: Zara; shoes: Primark; Necklace: Asos

Not the most amazing thing you've ever seen, I'm sure, but I am wearing my new favourite thing - a blue stripey bodysuit! It did have a little glittery bow on it but I took it off. I'll probably replace it with a plain white one!

Oh! Oh! Also! I will try my hardest to upload a new tutorial this week if I have time on Friday. I'm thinking of making either a pair of high waisted pleated shorts or a coat. I'd prefer the coat but my one problem is that I have no lining that would match the fabric I want to make it out of! We shall see what happens but either way, I'm excited to post a new one.


  1. Ohhh, those pants. Love those.
    Good luck with studies.

  2. They're really comfy too actually! Thanks (:

  3. Good luck!!!!

    PS: LOVE your shoes! They're awesome! xo

  4. Thanks, they only cost me £10 from Primark haha xD

  5. Omgosh! It’s weird this is like my fave blog and you’re going to Durham and I’m at uni at Durham! Small world. Thanks for the ace tutorials. x

  6. Hooray! Oh god, BE MY FRIEND haha

  7. You’ll have the best time! What college will you be at & what are you studying? If you need to know anything, don’t hesitate to ask (:

  8. Hope soooo! Law at Van Mildert (: what about you? Hmm actually I would like to know ...
    ...if you know anything about this? Is it active / worth getting involved in?

  9. Hahaha I’m ashamed to say I know nothing about this! Sorry, what a fail! Sounds ace though! Maybe it’s new...It’ll probs be at the fresher’s fair which will be on in the first week where you can sign up to all the societies that interest you (: I was going to say actually that you should begin your own society to showcase your clothing tutorials as they are amazing and there aren’t really many societies that cater for that kind of thing. I’m at St. Aidan’s, doing combined arts....Big congrats on your results too! You can message me if there’s anything else (hopefully I can help!): starry_eyed_ruby@hotmail.com .....arrgh I hope I’m not beginning to sound like some kinda internet creep :/ x

  10. Haha that would be unforgivably narcissistic! I should be contributing tutorials to a student magazine, though idk what is happening with that yet. Pardon my pathetic lack of knowledge haha but what is combined arts? o:
    Haha, I was the one who wrote be my friend in capslock, NO JUDGIN'
    Have you got Facebook?

  11. No Facebook, no. Boo. I deactivated it for exams and have been reluctant to get it back since then! Combined arts allows me to do a mixture of modules from the arts subjects so I do English Lit., Classics and Art history haha. That’s vair exciting about your tutorial contributions, yay! x


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