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Hey everyoneee.
My gold thing has been a disaster. I do have a tutorial to post, which I will do tomorrow, but the only successful part was the bodice which I finished ages ago. BASICALLY I cut out some pieces for the 'shorts' part (I was making a playsuit) but totally forgot to add extra inches for seam allowances and now it looks freakish. I can't really fix it without it looking like loads of small pieces stuck together (which it would be!) so I may leave it for the time being. I will post the tutorial for the bodice and tell you how to turn it into a dress, there will just be no real end result on my end hoho.

Anyway, sorry I haven't updated in ages. I've got my final exams coming up so have been spending much of my free time studying. I'm in the unfortunate position of all of my university offers being AAA so if I randomly get a B, I absolutely, completely screw up. I AM QUITE STRESSED.

I'm not sure how it is for you guys, but when I am stressed, my outfits become more and more basic. I begin to feel that most of my clothing is ridiculous and complicated and requires too much thought to even look acceptable, and that I quite simply do not have enough jumpers / collared shirts / tights i.e. I need a trip to Uniqlo.

Those who know me will be aware of my love of Uniqlo, so let me show you all the lovely things I want from there that could probably set you up with decent outfits for the rest of your life.

Jeggings (£24.99). Goshdarnit I don't have these yet but I want them. Only because they look like real jeans, mind you.  There are two reasons why I don't wear jeans: 1) I have short legs and they just don't look good on me. There is one pair of jeans (kind of like pre-jegging jeggings really) that look good on me, but I have no idea where they are. I bought them in a little boutique in Sydney Chinatown about 6 years ago which has since closed down. Jeggings seem like they would do the trick, but the only pair I own I have worn about twice because they do not look even remotely jeans-like; 2) I don't find jeans comfortable at all. I do find leggings comfortable. Yerp.

Polo dress: £14.99
I love polo shirts, I love dresses... I would buy this. There is nothing else I can say.

£24.99. I would probably wear this all the time. It looks really comfortable, it combines two of my favourite colours, it just looks nice.
£19.99. I have three shirts like this from Uniqlo! They are just so useful. I mean, yes, collared shirts like this can sometimes look a little corporate, but they are also comfortable, easy to wear, and smarten up outfits with no extra effort. I mainly like to wear light blue with navy, brown or beige.
There you go, doesn't she look nice. I think she does.

Jumper £24.99. Now they actually have very few jumpers on their website right now (probably because I am the only person still wearing them in this weather) but Uniqlo does such good knitwear. It's all so cosy. My favourite is the taupe one in the picture below. It's supposed to make you feel 'warm in winter and cool in summer' and let me tell you, IT DOES. It also goes with everything and, as was written in one of those free magazines you pick up at the station (stylist?), everyone looks more friendly in a jumper. So there you go. The picture on the right is actually from Cos, but I feel it more accurately portrays the ... essence of jumpers.

Anyway, moving on from Uniqlo...
A black (and brown) skinny belt! I own this exact belt from Asos (£6.99). I used to have one from Cue which I used for squillions of years but it broke a few months ago and this was the only patent black one I could find that wasn't a ridiculous price. I like to match my hardware (most things I have are gold coloured rather than silver) especially with something worn a lot like a belt.
(£27 from AA though I wouldn't exactly support buying one at that price) 
Pencil skirts! You all probably have one already, I just have to express that they are really useful and I wear them all the time.
This whole outfit (COS). Tapered trousers (they look good on short ladies such as myself), collared shirts, and a black coat. I generally use the coat I made (hopefully I will do a tutorial for this in future) but it's not quite as clean as this (£150). This is what I want to look like when I grow up and am one day a lady.

Here is today's outfit. Hope you guys are all doing okay (:
Shirt: second hand
Jumper: Uniqlo
Skirt: sister's
Shoes: Aldo
Watch and belt: Asos


  1. i just discovered your blog and it's really amazing !

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  2. Ugghhhh, your outfit is so adorable it hurts!

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  4. I follow you since forever and finally am using blogspot more
    your outfit is lovely :)


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