After trying and failing to make time to sew, I have come to the conclusion that more tutorials are impossible during my exam period. Probably should have waited to start my blog until after I finished college, but oh well. I have one little tutorial that I took photos of ages ago and never uploaded, so I will post that at some point this week. I am studying 9am - 7:30pm every day and unfortunately just do not have the energy to do any sewing in the evening.

So I suppose this blog is on semi-hiatus? Maybe? I will try to post my little bag tutorial this week, so maybe not. We'll see! Just thought I would let you know the reason for my few updates. Hopefully I will be able to post two or three times a week once my exams are over and I have nothing to do but make things haha (:

Weeeelp here are some outfit photos. I usually post these on whatiworetoday2 on livejournal but will keep them here for now. I had to awkwardly go through pictures of me in the library and people kept walking past. I was like constantly flipping screens so people wouldn't think 'why are you looking at pictures of yourself' and 'what, you don't look like that - you have glasses and messy hair and you are wearing two navy blue things at once why would you do that get out of this library' YOU KNOW. Seriously though, I am wearing two navy blue things at once. Oh and I just saw someone look at my screen. I feel like creepy secret unfashionable blogger girl.

Cardigan: Uniqlo
Shirt: sister's
Watch: Asos
Dress (top): made it
Dress (underneath): H&M
Shoes: Ebay
(WORST PICTURE EVER SORRY excuse my dodgy extensions and strangely awkward way of standing, my boyfland was being a douche and this is my annoyed-but-trying-to-look-reasonable pose)
Coat: made it
Shirt: Uniqlo
Dress: vintage
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: vintage

Anyway... just before I leaf, I have to express two things:
1. I am, for the first time in my life, trying to grow my nails. I do not even remember a time when I didn't bite my nails so... this will take a while. They've grown about, what, 2mm so far? I'm still proud. I WANT TO BITE THEM SO MUCH but trying to tell myself it'll be worth it when I have nice normal-person nails. I would take a picture but they look a bit disgusting for some reason. Hopefully they'll sort themselves out over time :|
2. I turn 20 tomorrow!



  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow x

    Good Luck on your exams also <3

    Tutorial idea for when you come back? Maybe one of that adorable black jacket you wear alot. I think you said on LJ you made it yourself from a pattern?

  3. Oh wow, love your shoes.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  4. Happy Birthday lovely! And lol, I totally get that way when I'm blogging using a public computer! :D

  5. I laughed out loud when you wrote..."my boyfriend was being a douche" because I know exactly how that husbands that way when he is taking pictures of me. Oh and your hair is dang cute.

  6. Thanks everyone <3
    and Sarah, that is a really really good idea. I don't know if I have the pattern still but I should be able to figure it out either way!

  7. oh man good luck on the nails! i quit biting almost 3 years ago now, i'm 24. hardest thing i've ever done! i think i've bit them like twice since i stopped. its insane!

  8. Agh so much to say. One, those extensions do not look dogdy or nuthin! I like your hair up or down, long or short! You look fabulous no matter what you do, seriously, I'm jealous!

    Best of luck with your studies! I wish I was so on top of things with my academics. I procrastinate way too much--as I am right now. Hm...

    I can't wait to see how your nails turn out! I like my nails medium-short ish, but since you look good no matter what, I think it'll be fab!

    And last but most definitely not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (I'm one day late now) :[ I'm so glad I "met" you. I think you are a lovely person and I think you're just fabulous. Maybe/hopefully one day I shall meet you. God bless ya!

    Much love from the US,
    Erin :)

    PS. I'm sorry if this post seems/is rather creepy. :/

  9. Aw Erin thankyou so much! It's not creepy at all, really what I need to hear at the moment tbh xD

    I think everyone procrastinates too much really. You just need to clear your desk, disconnect from the internet and start working, possibly with a steady flow of snacks and tea haha!

    Medium-shortish is probably more practical so that's good! Mine were just a bit too short, it was weird :| hoho

  10. Oh i think i'm a bit late with the birthday wishes. But i hope it was fun for you :] Best wishes

    I love to check out your blog every now and them. I'm super SUPER jelly of your style. its so cute!

    P.s i made a yellow version of that blue dress tutorial. Turned out REALLY well. Thank you :]

    Oh I have a tutorial idea for when you return, if you don't mind me suggesting. I saw this skirt-with-a-leotard-outfit and some reason why thought of your blog.

    anyways. Back to the point. I hope you continue posting- your blog is pretttyy rad. :D

    From Canada-

  11. too cute!

  12. hey hun, i know it says you got your shoes off ebay but what seller did you get them through? i've been looking for apair like those for a while now!
    i like your blog btw! :) and your post about being in the library made me giggle.


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