Lumiere Festival!


Click here if you don't know what it is. I can't believe I only ended up actually going last night! I'd seen random little things around but I actually 'went' yesterday. It was so amazing. Almost unexpectedly so. And I took pictures! Not of everything, but still.

The giant snowglobe thing! Took seemingly ages for it to actually start 'snowing' but it looked nice either way hoho

A rainbow at night! Yes!

The Crown of Light, or at least a little snippet of it.

Okay now this was a little bizarre.

So was this, but in a slightly better way. Plus the music he was making was good.

This just seemed vaguely dangerous hahaha.

ANYWAY, you get the idea. Lights n' shit.

Another tutorial coming soon... when I get my sewing machine back from someone. Yes. Time for me to go and get some work done now (:



  1. what stunning photos. i am totally jealous. wish i could attend the lumiere festival too.

    <3 rae

  2. wow looks beautiful!


  3. Wow, this looks incredible! Wish I lived close enough to go one year...I love looking at lights!

    Don't forget to enter my Christmas giveaway :)

  4. i loved the lumiere festival this year, it was so christmassy and lovely :) I love Durham xo

  5. Just found your blog tonight and I absolutely love it! You're so gorgeous and these photos are amazing! xx

  6. Amazing!


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