so I didn't get an outfit photo EVERY day...


But I did get a few at least. Also, when uploading my photos I realised that despite what I said about having never included other people's pictures, this is quite simply not true. Why did I say that? haha

As it turns out, taking photos every day is quite a task indeed. It simply will not happen haha. OH WELL. Let me show you the photos I do have though.

These are the only photos I got of Cambridge. Mainly because the sheer number of amazing buildings makes photographing any of them somewhat pointless. You'll only get the full experience if you actually go there. So  yes, I do recommend you take a trip. Also partly because after a while I just wanted to put the camera away and have a nice cup of tea with the twin.

Oh and I just had to take a picture of the jellybean William / Kate picture just because it was brilliant hoho.

So yes. Wonderful to take a trip. I got to go to one of my sister's lectures haha (she is also a law student) so I didn't even have to feel too guilty about missing one of my own. 

Apparently I'm really bad at looking suave in photos. Not even 100% sure what day this was from. But anyway, another outfit photo. I've been debating whether or not to return these shorts for like a week. I've half-wanted leather (or 'pleather') shorts for about a year but have never been 100% into them enough to actually spend the money. I saw these in H&M the other day for £15 so I just got them but... slight regrets. They are really short. Not sure why I'm telling you this, but I just had to express hoho. Still love my Uniqlo sweater. Why don't Uniqlo make them anymore? The crew neck ones? They are clearly better than the v-neck ones. But moving swiftly on...

I got this shirt in the mail the other day, sent by Sugarlips Apparel!
I'm not sure it was supposed to be worn like this (as in kind of wrapped around), but I put it on and... it just felt right haha. That being said, it's supposed to be worn just tied in the front like this. Which is nice, and I've worn it like that since. So there you go.

Bit of an ANTM-esque wind machine type effect going on here but... it was just windy in there haha. But anyway! Yes! Thankyou very much to Sugarlips Apparel for sending it to me. 

Just before I go, here's Charlie looking suave.



  1. This post was so cute, and I know exactly what you mean about shorts being too short!


  2. love your photos!

  3. all of these photos are awesome!

  4. I love every single photo! Your style is immaculate xxx

  5. i get so excited every time you post! youre so cute!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. nice photos! You are soo cute and stylish <3 I liked the first photo of charlie he looked really cool and all your outfits are lush! <3

  7. you are fantastically gorgeous, love these outfits xx

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  9. My last post is about my top from Sugarlips too!:)

  10. Note to self, must buy a uniqlo sweater!
    I like the hair blowing in the wind effect although it wasn't intentional. How did your fringe stay in place so well? Mine usually gets blown away too :/


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