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Noé of Couleur Spleen!

Congratulations (:

And thankyou so much to everyone who entered!

This post is going to be a bit of a Kate photodump haha. Just to update on my life, I can safely say I have been doing pretty much nothing since I last posted. Meaning, of course, that I have done nothing exciting, or worth posting about. A lot of work, essays, seminars, writing in general. Law stuff. You know, you know. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the past month - I have. I think I enjoy life in two different ways. One is having fun, going places, dressing up, not 'thinking' about anything of import. But the other is when I feel like I'm really working, thinking, and being productive. It's not 'fun' and it doesn't look good in pictures, but it's fulfilling. So there you go. I am a really, really exciting person.

I was clearing out my computer the other day and found these pictures from May. SO long ago now actually... but pretty sure I look exactly the same now hoho. So I'm posting them before I delete them. Just reusing things I guess! As usual!

Blue dress... $4 from a secondhand store in Newtown, Sydney, which I've had for like five years and probably still wear once a week or so. Dress underneath - Heartbreaker Fashion, gift. Jacket n' shoes are vintage.

All other outfit-y things are from my phone.

 Sad I didn't get a proper photo of this! I was wearing a velvet dress, black and gold belt, fur collar, lion brooch and two gold necklaces. And a beehive. And dodgy eyeliner apparently? Haha. It was just to a uni formal, but was pretty much my only Christmas event so I decided to dress up!
These belts! You can't see them very well but I have two - a black one and a white one. I bought them together from Etsy last year for some ridiculously cheap price. One of me best purchases haha. They have big gold buckles with lions on them. Yes. Good.

Mulled wine at the Durham Christmas markets! I love mulled wine. Pretty sure my first wine mulling session this year was in November. It's just so wintry.

Also, sent me this jacket! Which is great! I'll take a proper picture of this outfit at some point soon, but right now its too cold. Excuse the mirror. It's not my fault hoho. And my great big face.

So anyways, I'm in Durham for Christmas. Already visited my fam this summer and as it's a super expensive plane ticket and 23 hour journey away, once is enough. But it's okay! It'll be an experience. My sister and I are booked in for Christmas lunch, a tv on which to watch Carols at King's, and a small Christmas tree in the window, so we're set. Holding out for a non-white Christmas so I don't have to go through an ordeal similar to a few weeks ago when I had to crouch down and slide down my street on the soles of my shoes so as to get home unhurt.

Anyway, I can spend this break being productive! I have a lot of work to do, and I'm on day 5 of the 30 Day Shred! This is big news because I never exercise hoho. But I'm thinking it'll make life better to spend all day in cafes / the library getting work done but still know I'm moving around and not slowly morphing into a pale blob. Also, now that I've posted this on the internet, I have to actually finish it hoho.

Anyway, goodbye! And again, thanks for entering me giveaway. If I reach 1000 followers at some point in the near future I'll hold another one. Bye!


  1. Forever in love with your hairstyle!

  2. absolutely adore your style <3

  3. your eyes are so pretty! i love that dress and the tartan scarf!

  4. The outfit with the jacket looks so lovely!

  5. i love all your outfits, i want to go vintage shopping where you go, you find some gorgeous stuff! xx

    1. Thanks so much (:! I buy most of my vintage on Etsy!

  6. Oooh !! Thank you so much I can't believe I'm the lucky winner ! I can't wait to wear one of these sweaters !! I'm so happy :)
    Thanks thanks thanks Kate ♥

    Good luck for your work, and I wish you a beautiful Christmas and celebrations with your family ! :)

    PS : I love the picture where you hold the mulled wine cup, your coat looks so cozy !

    on Couleur Spleen.

  7. You have such a regal look! Gorgeous

    Hope you had a lovely holidays :)


  8. Such an adorable outfit :)
    Also, I love your hair <3


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