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I'm back in Durham. It feels like an age since I was here last. It's very strange indeed to be back, as if I've stepped back 2 months. I forgot what it felt like to have nothing to do! Not sure I'm into it.

Well I had a truly wonderful trip to Australia. Just fantastic. I went back about a year ago and for some reason didn't enjoy myself nearly as much as I did this time. I guess my outlook must have been completely different because my impression of Sydney before - boring, empty, not-quite-cool - was the complete opposite of my experience this time. I just loved it.

Fact is, when I lived in Sydney, I was not a fan. It had its good bits but they paled in comparison to London, and the UK in general. I now know that they are just different places with their own pros and cons. Neither one is vastly better than the other, and which one you prefer depends entirely on what you are looking for. I've found that having lived in the UK for a few years and having been to a few different places in Europe, Sydney is actually pretty great. It's fun, beautiful and exciting. I feel so lucky to have grown up there. While I doubt I would ever move back (for the pure reason that you only live once and I'd rather experience somewhere new), I have to say that Sydney would be a pretty damn fantastic place to spend your twenties. Or your life in general! Also, I had almost no gross insect experiences... except one cockroach and one massive moth (outside the house so easily escaped from). Yeah!

Apart from Sydney specifically, it was also nice to spend time in an actual city. Because I lived in Brighton for a couple of years and now live in Durham/next to Newcastle, I think I forgot what it actually felt like haha. It's pretty great.

Because I have so much to say and I'm still waiting on photos from friends, I'll separate all my Sydney-related ramblings into a couple of entries. This post will be mainly based around what I have access to at the moment hoho.

Breakfast is great in Sydney. Well, all food is great in Sydney but I can't even count the number of times I went out for breakfast while I was away haha. A ridiculous amount. And it was always good! Casually posting Elena's breakfast because mine was not quite so photogenic hoho. Apparently this place is very popular because there was quite a big line to get a table. Another fabulous thing about Sydney is that even in winter it's warm enough to eat outside... and the weather is always great. I should have photographed all my breakfasts!

Another great thing about Sydney (or certain parts of it) is the number of fun, independent stores and designers. We found this place down some stairs off Crown St, Surry Hills and it was just filled with awesome, 60-ish clothes all made by the daughter of the shop assistant. I wish I could remember what it was called! Argh! There are also a bunch of fabulous Korean clothes stores in the city, the equivalent of which I just can't find in the UK. I'm definitely going to try to save up for clothes for next time I go.


A whole bunch of Asos stuff and a hat from!


So yeah. I actually have a lot more to post but won't do it all at once. For now, I'm going to go home, relax, make dinner, and go to Newcastle - the closest thing I have to a proper city here (still fond of it).



  1. It's nice to have you back here :) I'm glad to read that you had a great time in Australia. The breakfast looks delicious and your outfit is super adorable!

    Sofie x

  2. Wow, this jacket is amazing!! Is it also from ASOS? Have to have it ;)

    1. It's a shirt / button-down! Thanks so much (: x

  3. Glad you're back!! :P
    It seems you had a nice time in Australia!
    Awesome outfit, as always..
    I've been on an exchange to England, like 10 years ago, I went to a little town, and during the weekends I spent my time in Newcastle. I loved it!!

    Caramelos de Colores, from Argentina

    1. Thanks! (:

      Do you remember what it was called? Because that could have been Durham actually! Or maybe not, idk. Still, interesting! It's actually a beautiful place. A little dodgy, but interesting and fun.


  4. ah this is great! i'm going to sydney for a weekend at the start of october and i've never been (i live in QLD). it'll probably be the only time i get to go before i plan to move to the UK myself so i'm quite keen to pack as much into the trip as possible! i definitely understand that change in perspective you mentioned too. i spent so long being discontent with australia and living here, but now that i'm planning on leaving i've decided to make the most of it, and it's not half as bad as my grumpy, travel-itchy self made it out to be. still, i don't find myself wanting to stay... hehe.

    1. Hi Emily! Australia is actually really great. At least your change in perspective is coming before you've left so you can really enjoy your time remaining. I've never been to Queensland except the Gold Coast once haha, but it was fun. Congrats on moving to the UK! When are you leaving? How come you're going? Where in the UK are you moving to? Haha, so many questions!


  5. I love these photos! Looks like a great trip.

    Kate from Clear the Way

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