Happy new year!


I arrived back in Durham about a week ago and it's taken me exactly that long to get over my 'awaysickness' (as opposed to homesickness). I've had a crazy month.

My mum flew over to spend Christmas with my sister and I in Cambridge. We were all too disorganised to book Christmas Day lunch so we had a fancy Christmas Eve dinner and a hotel breakfast to make up for it haha. Not too bad! We did manage to find some mulled cider and mince pies in a pub overlooking the River Cam on Christmas Day so it wasn't a total failure. Plus the weather was perfect! I think I've realised that what I like the most about Christmas is not Christmas Day itself, but the whole season. Christmas Day doesn't even have to happen haha. Just give me the tinsel and festive food and I'm done.

A couple of days after Christmas we headed over to Brighton where we stayed for a couple of weeks. It was so, so weird to be back. I haven't stayed for more than a couple of days at a time since I left for uni in 2011. It felt like I lived there again. Definitely bittersweet. It was like returning to another age. I forgot just how very at home I felt there and how much I loved it. So many great places to just sit and hang out, shop, eat etc.  Just the knowledge that I could be doing something else was enough to make working bearable, in a way! I had a great many meals out. A great many well made coffees. It was also very nice to be around my family (well, not the whole family but still nice).

Also - look at the last photo of this bunch below! It's called an 'egglette'. From what I remember, it's a cup made of bacon, a layer of pesto, and then an egg cracked into it and sundried tomato on top. I'm guessing it's baked. Gonna try to recreate it one day.

I also got a probably long overdue haircut! I went to Simon Webster on Gardner St and was given a fabulous (albeit expensive) bob. Unfortunately this all coincided with that week of almost apocalyptic rain - my hair kept its shape for all of 20 minutes. I broke four poundshop umbrellas that week. FOUR.

So now I'm back in Durham with a tonne of essays to write. I don't plan on doing much except work over the next couple of weeks at least. At least I had a good holiday!

Outfit time! I was recently contacted by Bank to select a few things from their online store and put together some outfits, as ya do. Admittedly, prior to this I had never been inside Bank. Generally the sight of parkas and trainers makes me think that a store probably isn’t for me. But I stand corrected! I really do. There ended up being an absolute tonne of brands to choose from (over 100), and consequently a lot different looks. For me, it’s also nice to know that there is a physical store to visit and that the company is UK-based. I ended up picking these three things:

1 // 2 // 3

Can you see what mood I was in when I picked these? Haha. This is the very simple outfit I ended up wearing with the jacket (not sure how these photos became so grainy)! Will post the other outfits later this week. But anyway. Thank you Bank!

Bye guys!


  1. Woah, your blunt yet clean hairstyle makes you look very sophisticated - I like it! The fringe looks just perfect and I'm almost OCD'ish picky with fringes...
    It always feels weird to come back home... or hometown, which not always means home, right? Still, it's nostalgic and we can get introspective about it, since many people we used to know still live there... And we end up unsure of what's changed, us or the town we used to live in. And unsure of if we miss it or not at all. Before this gets deeper...Holy mother of god, I need to live in that canal barge - so cozy and pretty!
    All food looks delicious too!^^ Your posts are always a nice surprise xx

  2. lovely post - first off i have to say that i love your new hair style - it suits you wonderfully. it sounds like you had a great time with your mom and sister and i agree with you about being more enthralled with the holiday spirit and december than christmas day per se. i just love how beautiful everything looks (in my case, berlin) covered in tiny glowing lights. that egglette also looks really yummy and i think i will be looking up a recipe to make them over the weekend. undersatnd your feelings about returning to a place too, esp. as someone who has lived in so many places. i just wish it were possible to build my own city with bits and bobs from all the different places i have lived. love the jacket as well and can't wait to see your next outfit posts!

    rae from lovefromberlin

  3. hi!

    you look lovely <3


  4. Your haircut looks fantastic! You've obtained the most perfect shade of white blonde. <3 xoxo

  5. I always get so so so happy when you post a new blog entry *fangirls* your hair is looking bloody amazing btw! <3


    Sade xo

  6. love the new haircut! I need to cut mine but I also don't want to because the tips go all blonde from the sun and make me believe in warm weather!
    I meant to ask in the last post, but how do you keep you hat on? Do you use hat pins? And if so how!? They baffle me completely and do love hats! x

  7. Your hair looks amazing! Serious fringe envy!

  8. your hair!!! aghhhhh!!! it's so cute :)


  9. Small world, I lived in a flat that was just to the left of where that riverboat picture was taken! It's so weird to see places I know on a blog, as utterly dumb as that sounds. Your haircut is lovely, I wish I could be bothered with the upkeep of my middle fringe!


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