Goodness gracious me


I haven't updated in ages so... just an explanation!

I got my a level results the other day. I got A*A*A + an A* for the extended project. I'm not happy about that A, but I've made my offer. I'm especially happy about being awarded full marks for my extended project because I worked SO. HARD. on it. I wrote it on whether prostitution should be legalised, and I actually started with the belief that it should be. That changed when I actually did some research, and I'm so happy I did. It has completely changed my perspective on the issue. JUST SAYING. I wish I could post my discussion on here for you to read but... I can't quite bring myself to re-read it haha

So anyway, that means I made my offer to study Law at my first choice university - Durham (Van Mildert)! I'm so happy! So happy! I've spent the past couple of weeks filling in all my forms (I still have one left), reading as much as I can and generally trying to get my shit together. Because my parents are leaving the country (well, my dad has already left as of two days ago) and my boyfriend and other Sussex students will be taking over the house, we have to move out. Oh, and I randomly went to Cardiff for a couple of days.

My sewing machine is still out, and I will bring it with me to uni, so the tutorials will continue. I will do the second button-down tutorial today or tomorrow! Anyway, just thought I would post an explanation / life update.




  1. congratulations on your results and getting into your first choice uni! excellent stuff :) xx

  2. Congratulations on your results! well done, your project sounds very interesting! I've been to Amsterdam before you will have a blast. Your blog has inspired be to learn to sew and my mam is getting her old sewing machine fixed for me!:) Good luck with the move. Love your blog!

  3. congratulations! and hi! i'm new to your blog! i love your tutorials! :)

  4. Thanks everyonee!

    + @ LegsXI: Hooray, I'm so happy to hear that! Definitely a good thing to be able to do.

  5. I can't believe you are not happy about an A!
    Thats amazing!
    So many people would be ecstatic about your results!
    You're gonna go so far, good luck m'lovely!


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