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I got this done the other day! Yes, yes, I have joined the Mucha tattoo crowd but... well, yeah. I think this illustration is beautiful. She did a really good job and I am so pleased.. Just braggin'. 

Sorry for how bizarrely portrait-y this picture is by the way. It's even making me feel awkward. I'm going to keep it up there though, because my hair looks nice. YEAH.

But on to other things... here are two outfits. I have been wearing so much white recently. So much. Actually, I have been wearing this tight / shoe / dress combination a lot. I have worn this dress three times this week. These shoes almost every day. Maybe I'm just getting lazy, idk. Fun fact: this dress is the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought. That doesn't say much, as 80% of my wardrobe is second hand, BUT STILL. I've got a lot of wear out of it and it still looks just as nice as it did back when I wore it to my Year 12 formal in '08!

I've worn variations of this outfit a lot recently, and figured I should take a picture before I get bored, but sadly I don't think the brightness of the coat really comes out in this picture! Maybe it doesn't look as impressive in real life as I think it does hoho.


Does anyone have anything in particular they'd like a tutorial for?

Most of the time I make things just because I want them, but I don't really want anything right now haha. If I have the right fabric (and whatever else is needed) for it, I will try anything.

Oh, and thankyou Kat (we very briefly ran into each other when I was in Berlin - what a coincidence!) for slipping me into her online magazine Frock&Roll! Click here to read the whole issue.



  1. A tuxedo jacket with tails would be awesome!!

  2. This is such a beautiful post, your are so lovely!
    That coat is gorgeous ( Did you make it? )and that dress and sweater combination is just perfect!

    I usually don't like big arm tattoos, but I actually think yours is lovely and classy :)


  3. whether or not that first pic is too look stunning! you are so pretty, lady. and i wish i could pull off tights like that!

  4. Ohhh you're so cute! I love the tattoo too, it's amazing!

    Annah xx

  5. Thankyou everyone! <3

    @ Crystal: that is a good idea! I'm not sure I have any fabric that would be suitable right now, but I will definitely keep that in mind for the future because I would love one haha

  6. A tutorial for a cape would be amazing. Love your tattoo!

  7. i love your tattoo it came out great!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. The dress from your Lookbook; "A Place for my Pin"!
    the tattoo looks quite amazing !

  9. Mucha was a men from Czech Republic ;). His name was Alfons, surname - Mucha [ read - Muha ]. I love this tattoo and I love Alfons Mucha's works!

  10. cutie! any basic tutorial would be great. i don't know how to use my sewing machine so something simple and classic would be great :)

  11. wow your look is amazing! and you are sooo cute :) I saw you on facebook at lookbook! :) great blog and I love the UK :)

    greetings from austria!

  12. Seeing your tattoo makes me even more excited to be 18 so I can get my first one! Just the hard part is choosing. However, I never imagined you'd be the one to want a tattoo, but it is a beautiful piece of art.

  13. I'm so sad! I've seen this coat in your post before and I really WANT TO HAVE IT (!!!!) but I don't get it especially not in english and that makes me SO sad :( German would be good ;D

  14. Thanks everyone (: + thanks for the ideas. I will try to do some simple ones too.

    @TtotheATI: I could TRY to do a translation but my German skills are so basic haha. If there's anything in particular you need me to clarify, just ask and I will try to help! (:

  15. That's allright, you can use my picture for the tutorial dear. I'm honoured ^^

  16. I have been reading your blog for a while but have always been to shy to comment! :X Well... I used to use my roommates sewing machine but now we don't live together... and I have been doing things by hand. Maybe do you have anything I can do without a sewing machine? I think it'd be a little difficult and time consuming but... maybe a bow headband of some kind? IDK! I don't really care, I just really appreciate you sharing all your amazing knowledge & artistry with us. :) Thank-you!

  17. Love your tattoo! Your outfit is very pretty!
    You have a great style!

  18. Love love love the first outfit! It's gorgeous! :)

  19. Would you do a tutorial for an oversized button down?


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