It's been a month. I have many photos.


All I can say is... it's the exam period. Oh god.

So in the past month, I have... traveled around England for a few days with Charlie, visited relatives in Leeds, and stayed with my sister in Cambridge for two weeks. But I am now back in my tiny room / nest / den / cranny in Durham, and glad for it.

Despite the fact that we were in London on three separate nights, I actually didn't take many photos at all while we were there. This is it haha. Charlie had more but... there you go. Anyway, so our next stop was Brighton where we stayed for three days.
 I know I already have a photo like this on my blog of my sister / me, but I need at least one Brightony picture in this post. So there you go. Anyway. It was weird to come back to Brighton as a tourist this time. When I went in Christmas my mother was still living there, but now our house is being rented out to some people we know so it was different! We stayed there but it was definitely not 'my house' anymore.

It was interesting to just do things I normally did from a touristy perspective too. Like going out to Street Thai felt like a little bit of an event (we did it on the night we got there) but when I actually lived in Brighton I went out there all the time after it opened. Come to think of it, the majority of our stay in Brighton revolved around food haha. For example...

... fresh mint tea from Tic Toc Cafe! So good. We also went to Food for Friends for dinner one night, had cocktails at Oki-Nami, breakfast at Taylor St Baristas... what else? I don't really remember, but the point is: I really miss living in Brighton.

So next stop was London again. I don't remember what exactly we did. Just wandered around really.

moving on


On the first day...we had the most amazing falafel ever. Good god. It was perfect. We both agreed that we wish we had spent longer in Bristol because we really didn't get to see much. We also didn't really know what to do / where to go as we hadn't looked it up before we left. So once again, we just wandered. We walked so much. Did a bit of window shopping. We were so tired by the end of the day and it was our only night in a hotel so we ended up taking some wine back to the room with us and watching tv haha.

In the morning we went to Bath. I've been there so many times but I always love it. It's just such a beautiful city. We had breakfast there and then went to see some Bath-y sights. Lots of pictures from inside the Abbey, hope you don't mind haha.

Aaand then we went back to Bristol for dinner, collected our things and went back to London for the night, then went home! And that was our trip. Yeah.

So now a couple of outfits? Yes?

Funny that this feels like such an old photo now! 
Top (its a dress): I believe I got this in General Pants Co when I was like 15 haha
Skirt: charity shop
Belt: Etsy
Shoes: New Look
Aaand thankyou very much Rings and Tings for the gold bracelet! Buy it here.

And yesterday...

Just need to express that I've had that dress for over six years and it is still probably the one thing in my wardrobe I wear most often. It was AUD$4. Oh yeah. It literally goes with everything I own. But anyway...

Dress: second-hand
Boots: Beyond Retro (my one Brighton souvenir)
Bag: 'Primarni' as I heard someone call it the other day
Jacket: Siren - buy it here

 Okay, I think it's time for bed. Sorry for the sheer quantity of photographs in this blog post hoho.



  1. Yay! I've missed your posts dearly! :)

  2. you're so cute :) I am sooo jealous of the fact that you're English and live in England! All the places you've gone to look just perfect. I've only been to London twice and absolutely loved the city. Hope to travel around the country some day, though, the cities seem so beautiful with all their old buildings.

    Good luck on your exams!

    1. Thanks! Actually I'm Australian! I moved here in 2009 with my family. England really is lovely so you should definitely come back for another look. London is great but there are so many other fun cities (like Brighton!) that are worth exploring.

      Thankyou! :D

  3. Lovely post, looks like you had a fabulous time & visited some great places. I love Bath & Bristol, and you got some lovely photos xx

  4. Great post, love seeing the photos from lots of different places around England :) You look lovely as always xx

  5. Lovely photos, your style is great and your so pretty!

    Love your newest follower

  6. Love seeing photos of your travels! And I'm slightly jealous, I must add. Also you two are quite the fashionable duo!

  7. Very nice photos :) I follow your blog.


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