tutorial: a lazy girl's beehive


So, being a lover of 50s / 60s fashion, there is only so much of this...

and this...

and this...
... a girl can take before she's popping down to Boots to get the cheapest hairspray she can find. So I've done this a couple of times, using tutorials I found on Youtube. It looked pretty good. But there was just one problem! The detangling process. I hate backcombing. It's irritating to do, it's irritating to get out, and you risk damaging your hair if you do it often (especially in my case, as my hair is bleached and not super strong).

Now there are lots and lots of tutorials out there for beehives, so this isn't anything super special. The only difference is that I'm doing absolutely zero backcombing, so it's something you can do every day, and it's really easy to take down.

What you need...
A hair doughnut (you can get them from Primark right now for a pound or two)
A million bobby pins

What you must do...

As you can see, I have relatively long hair. This is where all the fullness in the back comes from pretty much (though I definitely have more than I need), so if you have shorter than medium-length hair, you might need to use a different tutorial? I don't know!

Start off by vaguely sectioning off your hair at the front-sides and the top (behind your fringe). It doesn't have to be super precise...unless you want it to look super precise? idk. The top section should not include the hair on the crown of your head.

Tie up the front section so it's out of your way, and pin up the side sections in the direction of the crown.

Get your doughnut and, using the hair on the crown of your head only (leave the hair about half-way down the back of your head) create a bun with the doughnut just so the hair is covering it. Use your bobby pins to make sure it is secure, and hairspray it.

Hahaha, christ.
Get your front section and distribute it over the bun you just made so it sits on top in a round shape. You should do this quite loosely, and use a lot of hairspray. 

Keeping in mind the shape you want it to be, gather all of the hair from the back into a kind of ponytail type thing.

From the bottom of your hair, basically twist the ponytail around, but so it incorporates your hair on the sides with it. Do this more tightly at the nape of the neck, and more loosely as you go towards the bun. Tuck the excess hair into the twisted ponytail on the back of your head, and pin until it all feels secure. Hairspray!

Hooray, a beehive.

Plus accessories hoho, plus the blouse is from Sheinside.



  1. Oh man that's so cute! I love the simplicity of doing that look yet it looks so stylish! :D
    I'd try it but i doubt I could pull off a mock beehive any time soon! Haha

  2. This really suits you :) Not sure I could pull it off but I might have a go anyway if I'm in an experimenting-with-my-hair kind of mood. I love that you've done this with zero backcombing too!

  3. Sadly I have short hair but this is such a great, clever tutorial! ^_^

  4. Love your tutorial!

  5. cannot wait til my hair is long enough to do this!

  6. It looks lovely, must give this a try!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  7. Love this! Makes me wish I had long hair :(

    - Kaya

    1. thankyou! (:
      there are tutorials around for short hair, it's just you will have to backcomb instead e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgZq0O54Nmk

  8. So lovely !!
    I'm totally in love with your hairstyle! I'm gonna try it ^^


    If you want to check my blog:

  9. oh this is so nice! will try it some time. looks very good on you :) x

  10. wow this is so awesome! looks great :)


  11. i love this kind of look! too bad I can't find a bun anywhere to do this

  12. This hairstyle is so cute! (:

  13. if i saw this earlier, i wouldn't have cut my locks off! it's so cute on you~



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