Waking up in London


(wonderful shoes from chicnova)

Hi everyone!

As usual, long time no post. I've spent the past few weeks being simultaneously very busy and very bored. Like the short bursts of busyness have sucked away all desire to be productive during the periods of freedom haha. But that being said, I've enjoyed myself!

I moved into a cosy (though very studenty) apartment in the city centre with a couple of friends of mine, and a couple of days before that I went to Edinburgh for the night with a few people.

I didn't take my camera with me so thanks Micaela for letting me use her photos!

The view from outside our hostel!

The first day we just wandered around the Royal Mile / Grassmarket area, went to some pubs, had dinner, saw a film and then went out. Yeah.

And the day after we had a lovely breakfast (I had carrot juice for the first time in ages, yum), perused the shops and went over to ... The other side of the station (not sure what it's called) which was so lovely!

And back in Newcastle!

I hope this post works. I'm using the blogger app for the first time and there doesn't appear to be any rich text option hoho. So fingers crossed. Anyway, must go show Elena the sights. First we are going to the borough markets, then the Tate Modern, then the museums. Should be a long but enjoyable day!


  1. that shop looks amaaaazing you are so pretty by the way :) x

  2. you have the very best hair ever lady x

  3. Looks like an fab trip, love Edinburgh!
    LOVE your new shoes! Gorgeous!

  4. beautiful hair!

    Maybe wanna follow each other?

  5. Kate! WHEN DID YOUR HAIR GET SO LONG. WTF! haha I am le jealous. Also, you got tattoos as well? I'm well out of the loop.

    Did you enjoy Berlin? (have you even gone yet??? haha) Post lots of Berlin pictures, I already miss it!

  6. In love with your shoes!


  7. those shoes are so unbelievably nice. lovely post!


  8. Wow I love your dress! And your hair is so adorable :o


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  10. I adore all the outfits! Especially, the casually cool one! I wore bright, patterned shorts too!
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