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Hi everyone!

I love this shirt from Chinadoll Boutique! I don't usually get super enthusiastic about things on my blog but it's the morning, I've had my cup of tea, I've made some important decisions and I feel really really good about life right now, and at this point in time, 'life' includes this shirt.

I have worn it in so many outfits haha but this is the only one I've taken a picture of. Firstly, because I was enjoy collared shirts. Secondly, because of the print! I don't usually like floral prints but this one is bold enough for it to look nice. Also, I'm not usually entirely into the whole shoulderless thing, especially because on me I fear it looks a bit like I'm pretentiously showing off my arm tattoo. However, it does make it look a little more fancy. Also, with the help of some safety pins, you can make it into a regular shirt, which I've already done a bunch of times haha. So it's good.

Everything else is vintage, including those shoes which I bought super cheap from my local Oxfam store. It's not often I find nice 60s vintage in good condition from a charity shop, especially the local Oxfam which is super expensive. So I'm pleased!

But anyway, let me tell you about what I've been doing as of late.

One of my best friends from Sydney visited me! I love it when people from Australia visit me, not only because spending time with good friends is always nice, but also because for some reason there are barely any Australians in Durham. In Brighton there were quite a few for some raisin. But not so up north. So we hung out. Ate a lot of food. Went to London and Brighton.

We also went to Edinburgh again! These are my only photos.

Excuse the instagram-ness. We walked around, searched for macarons for Elena, went to this slightly fancy area where everyone had pet dogs, missed our train by 30 seconds and had to go crying to East Coast office where we were kindly allowed on the next train (I'm an adult, yes I am).

Then we went to Spain! Unfortunately we had thought it would be a good idea to split our trip in half and spend a little time in Barcelona and a little time in Madrid, but as with any city, a little time is never enough. That being said, they were both absolutely amazing. Here are a few Barcelona pictures!

Amazing juice in the morning, Sangria during the day and at night, incredible buildings, the beach, tapas bars... it was a good holiday. We were really sad to leave, especially as there was obviously so much more to see. Then we went to Madrid!

Not even sure what photos to post. It was a beautiful city. We just did a lot of touristy stuff, and spent a lot of time trying to avoid the heat (it was 39 degrees while we were there). We also spent kind of a lot of time at our hotel cafe haha. Usually I would think that to do so is really depressing, but... it was a good one. This one waiter who worked in the afternoons made incredible gin and tonics (hohoho) and we got free tapas. So yeah. SPAIN!

A couple of days later, Charlie and I went to Germany. Once again we split it between two cities - Berlin and Cologne. I won't post too many photos of Berlin because I already have a bunch on this blog from last time. Basically we just saw a few touristy sights and wandered around some areas I hadn't been to already. And had my first vegan pizza in a few years haha.

And then we went to Cologne!

(our hotel in the background)

(the interior of our hotel! haha)

Cologne was actually so nice. We spent the whole time just walking around, getting drinks, and generally relaxing. Also, I just have to express that there are four things that we saw everywhere in Germany: Dunkin' Donuts, bubble tea, sushi, and vietnamese. Not what you'd expect!

So now I've bombarded you with photos, it's time for me to sign off. I'm back in Durham Starbucks, soon to get one of those new tasty limey drinks haha. Trying to relax and get a few things done before I leave for Australia in a couple of weeks! I haven't seen my family since Christmas break so quite exciting.



  1. I'm so in love with your cute outfit!

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    You are so cute! :)

  3. love your outfits, and these pictures are great :) I'm hungry now though haha.


  4. Lovely pictures, I wish I could visit all those places!

  5. that looks like a really good trip! :0
    lovely pictures xx

  6. All the food looks so delicious! Looks like you had a great time! ^__^

  7. Lovely photos :) Thanks for sharing. Your first outfit is stunning, also x

  8. It looks like a lot of fun, I'm so jealous of you haha!


  9. Looks like you had fun on your travels. really liking your quirky style, now following x

  10. looks like art of photography and its such a good pictures of traveling and your fashion collection me for travel in London.

  11. It sucks so much that you came to Berlin and I wasn't even there! I miss yewww <3

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  13. Wow you have had such an amazing time! Jealous :)

  14. You're so so pretty and I love looking at photographs from your exciting travels! I do wish you'd post more often! :) xx

  15. Amazing photos! Looks like you have a great time :)


  16. These so pretty. Travelling is just the best, isn't it? I also love your blouse!

    xoxo Greta

  17. Gorgeous photos!!!! Jealous of your travels :)

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  18. you are sooo sweet and so creative! i have just watched all of your diy tutorials, amazing! i must sew something soon! :D

  19. it was such exciting travel! pictures are very pretty)

  20. oh, how i would love to travel here! cute pictures and overall blog!

    lindsey louise

  21. Beautiful pictures. I really love your sense for style.
    Would you like to follow each other ?


  22. lots od these things looks delicious! :)

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  25. I love your hat!

  26. outfit in 1st two pic is cool and pic collection is beautiful.


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