Hey everyone. Just a quick outfit post!

Casually taking outfit pictures on a residential street on a grey day. Much chic. Such fashion. Wow.

Hat: vintage // Dress: Jollychic // Boots: Jollychic

This dress from Jollychic is probably the most 'body con' dress I've ever worn (I thought it would be more of a 60's a-line shape when I saw it online hoho). I just love the pattern. Wearing it with my blue bow hat that I wear with everything ever and some black platform boots. These boots are so tall they make me look like a normal-sized person. Rejoice! Bit of a challenge negotiating Durham's cobblestones however.

Just working and enjoying the weather at the moment. You know spring is approaching when you suddenly feel the need to ask for your coffee iced. Of course in England that point is reached at about 12°C... I just really want it to be summer now, okay?


  1. Love the print and colour on that dress, looks fab on you! <3

  2. You're pics are very nice :)
    and your outfit it's super cool
    very style

  3. You're such an adorable little babe. :) I love this ensemble and especially the amazing hat. You wear it so well! Happy spring, darling. <3 xoxo

  4. Nice look! You seem really cool with that hat and dress =)
    Thank you a lot for following me.
    I'm following you and your great style now


  5. Beautiful!

    Love, Tatjana

  6. super cute outfit, you always have the best hats.

  7. Hi! I like this hat, it looks amaizing with gold dress *_* And your hait, wow, wonderful colour!

    I started my new blog today and I hope you have some time to visit it :) Soon it'll be full of interesting posts!
    Good luck :)

  8. What a beautiful dress you have! <3

    Andera |

  9. Lovely dress, and that hat is also very pretty!

    Have a great day,

  10. lovely outfit!

  11. Well it's been almost 30º here in Portugal so I'd gladly swap with you... however, I keep on having my coffee hot!
    You look very pretty, that dress suits you tremendously^^ I also love the hat!

  12. I love this prints and you look really nice in this dress.I would change a hat, but It's not look bad.It's don't mix with it a little bit for me.

  13. That hat is truly perfect. As a petite girl myself hats are so tempting but they tend to drown me. The shallow depth of the bucket and the large sheer bow really keep it balanced. It looks especially lovely against your light hair though!

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  16. This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

  17. so beautiful hair! i like it!
    At first glance, you are attracted to your blog and like your blog very much! thank you for your sharing.
    (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

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  19. Your yellow-on-black floral print round collared retro mini-dress looks gorgeous,
    and you look extremely pretty wearing it styled with the wide-brimmed black hat and black hosiery.
    Your platinum blond hair contrasts beautifully with your OOTD.
    You blog beautifully, your taste in fashion is excellent.
    I hope you will be returning to the blogosphere some time soon! :D

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