Personal shopping at Topshop Knightsbridge


So last month I went down to London to visit the Topshop Knightsbridge personal shopping department! Personal shopping is not something I had ever previously thought of doing. I assumed that unless you were absolutely clueless when it came to fashion, they'd just get you all wrong. Recently, however, I had been discussing with a friend of mine that it would be interesting to see how someone else would dress me - someone really stylish - if given the chance. Short of actually paying for a stylist, a personal shopper is as close to this as you can get! This meant that as soon as I got an email inviting us blogger-folk down to meet some personal shoppers, I booked my train tickets down to London.

Contrary to what I had assumed, I learned that personal shoppers - or at least Topshop personal shoppers - don't merely tell the clueless what to wear. They'll tell you what's new, what's cool, what would look nice on you, and what they like. Having a pretty strong sense of personal style that's been built up over years of being interested in fashion, this actually ended up being a pretty interesting experience for me. We were not, in practice, personally shopped for (although I believe that was an option?) rather the Knightsbridge personal shoppers, Jess and Amber, took us around and showed us what was new, some of the outfits they'd put together and what they were into. It was so interesting to listen to some really well-dressed ladies enthusing about fashion. We were so inspired afterwards that we ended up heading straight over to Topshop Oxford Street men's personal shopping department to see what they'd find for my friend!

This was probably my favourite collection. I don't for the life of me remember what snappy name it was given but I can clumsily describe it as... modern, bright, and candy-coloured (the word 'candy' may have actually been used haha). Personal shopper Jess - who was very well dressed and I would certainly trust her with finding me cool things to wear - was especially into this pink leather jacket. And thus the value of personal shopping becomes apparent to me. I would never have even thought to buy a pink leather jacket but as she gushed about how fabulous it was, sure enough I found myself pondering whether I had £185 to spare (...I did not). In that sense I think personal shopping can be a fun experience even if you don't need 'help' as it were. You get a fresh perspective on style, have suggestions made to you that you just might not have thought about yourself, and you get to have a good natter about fashion.

All in all, it was a really fun experience that well and truly changed my mind about personal shopping. There was champagne, pastries from Paul, and a tonne of great clothes we got to peer over and try on. So... thank you Jess and Amber / Topshop! In fact, our personal shopping experience at Oxford Street that followed wasn't even a blogger event but we had fun there too! I've also heard they have computer games. I'll report back next time I go. A pleasant respite from law student life though, I'm sure you'll agree. Here's a blurry photo of what I wore hoho.

Corduroy jacket: vintage // Turtleneck: American Apparel // Dress: vintage // Shoes: Asos



  1. Interesting experience. I love your outfit!! Greetings from Spain!

  2. What a lovely experience! I would love to have someone to tell me what would look good on me. Just to try out new things. Oh, and 'candy colours' sounds amazing!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. It definitely sounds like an interesting experience to have someone else give you style suggestions! I love the mustard jacket with the black dress, and your bob completes the sartorial look :)

  4. This sounds really fun! cute outfit <3

  5. Hi Schwurlie! It’s good to hear that you had a wonderful experience. There are times that shopping can be a little difficult, especially when you want to try and experiment with different styles. And it would be great if you could have someone who's updated on fashion that you can ask for some ideas. Cheers!

    Mary Hughes @ Sorted PA


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