Lumiere Festival!


Click here if you don't know what it is. I can't believe I only ended up actually going last night! I'd seen random little things around but I actually 'went' yesterday. It was so amazing. Almost unexpectedly so. And I took pictures! Not of everything, but still.

The giant snowglobe thing! Took seemingly ages for it to actually start 'snowing' but it looked nice either way hoho

A rainbow at night! Yes!

The Crown of Light, or at least a little snippet of it.

Okay now this was a little bizarre.

So was this, but in a slightly better way. Plus the music he was making was good.

This just seemed vaguely dangerous hahaha.

ANYWAY, you get the idea. Lights n' shit.

Another tutorial coming soon... when I get my sewing machine back from someone. Yes. Time for me to go and get some work done now (:




Long time no post!

So after weeks of forgetting to bring my camera out with me, I have finally taken some pictures of Durham! Yes! They're not amazing but... they will do for now hoho.

 I love this view and this photo does not in any way do it justice.

Once again, this photo does not do the cathedral justice! Obviously I am not the most fantastic photographer so... you'll just have to come and gaze upon its glory in person.

So, you get the general gist of things. Durham is a beautiful place. Yes it is. As you can see, everything is very autumnal at the moment. Much more so than Brighton ever was / will be considering how incredibly leafy it is around here. Despite being very pretty however, autumn leaves make everything incredibly slippery underfoot. I have come to realise over the past few weeks that I've made awful choices in terms of what shoes to bring to uni with me.

These are my uni shoes (minus one pair which cannot be photographed because it looks awful at the moment). I can only generally wear the awful shoes, or the first pair in the photograph. Everything else is deadly. I had no idea my shoe choices were so impractical until I came here, to be honest. Like I said, Brighton isn't leafy and the ground is pretty even. I could go out wearing any of these and it wouldn't be a big deal. Here, I even have to be quite careful while wearing the first pair (slippery). Maybe I need some hiking boots? Idk

Generally I am quite limited fashion-wise here because I couldn't bring all that many clothes with me, but it's not too bad. Here are a couple of outfits haha :|

Coat: vintage / scarf: Edinburgh Wool Company / bag: made it / shoes: Bertie
 Not the most attractive picture of me but... I'm wearing a red coat with gold buttons so all is well.

Dress: made it / sweater: second hand / skirt thing: Debenhams / necklace: Topshop / rings: H&M, Primark?, / shoes: vintage
Okay, why do I seem unable to take pictures which aren't a bit weird-looking? This is what I wore today. Actually, I ended up wearing different shoes... but yes. Otherwise this is it.

The ring was very very kindly sent to me by a company called Chainless Brain! It's now something I wear pretty much every day. I'm sure you agree that it's pretty awesome hohoho. Anyway, they do loads of different designs or you can choose your own. Check them out here!

Aaaaand now it's time for me to go to dinner. Bye!

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