Hi! I'm Kate.

I'm 22, grew up in Sydney and now live in the north of England. I'm always busy in an uncool, non-fun way and occasionally seek respite in the form of a blog post.

My passion in life is reading and discussing issues relating to law, politics and feminism, all while wearing a good outfit. I like to think that my law degree fulfils the first part of that passion while my blog fulfils the second! My other loves include history, vintage clothing, visiting new places and revisiting the beautiful ones. Oh, and oversharing.

I try to keep things within the confines of personal style blog + travel + occasional DIY tutorial, but I may break out the occasional rambling 'feelings post'. There's no general aim other than to hopefully inspire some of you the same way other blogs inspire me!

Contact me at schwurlie@hotmail.co.uk

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