Baby its cold outside


Hi guys. Hi. It’s been a while! ‘I must update more often’ I cried, before not posting for two months.

Well, I’m in my third year of university now. Things have been surprisingly hectic. Everyone told me that third year is the easiest because one gets ‘used to it’ by then. Not true! There has been a significant increase in workload. Luckily I do enjoy most of what I’m studying this year. There’s also the added stress of preparing for post-uni life. Do I apply for masters programmes or do I apply for jobs? I haven’t got a clue and yet I need to start doing at least one of the two like… right now. The end of student life fast approaches (scream)!

Probably due at least in part to the stress of this year and the fact that I’ll be moving somewhere else soon, I’m thinking of ‘decluttering’. While the idea of a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t appeal to me - I love environments that are aesthetically pleasing, cosy and full of memories - I have way too much stuff. I am one of those people who is very deeply affected by her environment so I think this is a good thing to do… but how to do it?

Unsurprisingly, most of my possessions are clothes which just happen to be the hardest things to throw away! The ‘six month rule’ just does not work for me. If it’s in my closet, it’s been worn in the past six months.  That’s one downside of knowing what you like - the years pass by and ya still wanna wear it all! Consequently I have a tonne of stuff. I think the route I’m going to have to take is asking myself whether a particular item of clothing is in line with how I want to dress over the next couple of years. It means that I’ll force myself to stop wearing the clothes I bought when I was a teenager. Probably a good thing!

Have any of you guys had a good ol’ clear out before? Or given yourself a total style overhaul? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I’m spending a few days in Durham before leaving for Christmas. I forget how quiet it gets when the students leave. One of my housemates has gone home, the other leaves today and I leave tomorrow. I’m off to Cambridge until the 27th and then off to Brighton for 2 weeks. Right now I’m just hanging out trying to get things done - what else is new? I’m really excited to go back to Brighton and have a potter round London. I just love this time of year.

Outfit time! This is from one of my 'mod days' which I have occasionally. The jacket is from FrontRowShop! You can buy the exact one here. Ten points if you can recognise which famous horror film this exact pattern can be seen in.

Also - check out my interview at here!

Hope you're all well!

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