Evening, evening


(title said in the voice of the rich old man from The Aristocats)

HELLO. I haven't any proper outfit photos but I really wanted to update because it's been so long.
So here's one from a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it is the same dress I've worn in a previous outfit post, but I'm desperate, okay? Plus I still love it. And I'm wearing different shoes. So there you go.

I feel like I have so many outfits that I just haven't photographed, so next week is going to be a picture taking week. Yes it will. Maybe I'll take one every day. Maybe I'll include pictures of other peoples' outfits. What a radical suggestion. No one's ever done that before. Well by jove not on this blog they haven't. Apart from the entry before last. But never you mind.

Got this in the post the other day. Fucking tea and Tim Tams. Living the dream.

And you know what else I got in the post the other day? A postcard! From New York! Or as I like to call it, Noo Yawk.

The sender was the lovely Erin Kim of unscripted, who is like... the nicest, coolest person ever, as you will see upon going to her blog.

I have an insane amount of work to do, so time to get off the internet. Hopefully I can update next week, as I am also going to a couple of interesting places (hopefully) including Cambridge to visit the twin, which is always always fabulous.

OH, and also, to the girl who came up to me today, if you read this:
Sorry I was a bit unfriendly / didn't ask your name or anything! I was just totally not expecting it. Hope you didn't think I was too rude!

So goodnight / goodbye everyone!

Valentine's Day's a-comin'


Valentines film by fellow Durhamite Indietrix. SEND TO YOUR LOVED ONES :’)

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